You Say Tweet And I Think Bird- So What Is A Tweet? How Do I Do It?

If your neighbour mentions “tweeting” to you, and you automatically assume they are trying to become a canary, you are obviously not familiar with all the latest social network media.

Tweets are posted on Twitter, which is a service for microblogging and social networking conducted in real- time.   Microblogging can be easily defined as exchanging small amounts of content.  To simplify it, a tweet is a status update or a post using less than 140 characters.  Think online text messages with the added benefit of reaching an unlimited number of followers.

Tweeting is a simple process, a fact that can be evidenced by the hundreds of millions of registered users on Twitter.  People and business from all over the world use tweets to keep in touch with their followers because it is quick, it is easy, and you can reach the largest amount of people in the shortest amount of time.

Opening a Twitter account is as easy as going to and answering a few basic question.  As a registered user, you will be able to add your own comments to tweets if you so choose.  Without an account, you can only read them.  With millions of tweets posted every day, there is always something available.  By simply clicking on the “follow” button, you will automatically receive new automatic retweet from whomever you are following.

In order to write a tweet, under the “What’s Happening” heading, simply write what you want to say and click send.  If you find that your tweet is over the 140 character limit, simply abbreviate some words or get rid of unneeded punctuation.  To reply to a tweet that you have read, either click the “Reply” icon or add @ in front of their Twitter username.

If you’ve read a tweet that you like and want to share, simply add the letters “RT” before the message or click the auto retweet button.  You can also take advantage of automatic retweeting or auto retweeting.   Simply put, if you are using automatic retweeting, when tweets are posted with your chosen keywords they will be retweeted automatically for you.  One major advantage of auto retweeting is that you don’t have to spend hours looking for tweets that you would want to repost.  Twitter takes care of it all for you.

Use Instagram As A Person

With the advent of social media sites, companies can keep in touch with all of their potential customers and current customers with a few keystrokes or clicks of the mouse.   Instagram helps them do it by easily sharing short videos or photos.  Instagram was originally created as a platform for sharing special moments with family and friends.

It’s a Company, Not a Person

If you want to be successful, you have to be both.  Companies spend millions of dollars every year in marketing to help make sure they come across as someone whom consumers want  to purchase from.  Sincerity is extremely important.  Companies who relate well, and appear friendly to their customers, do better overall, and today’s consumers want to feel as if they are part of the company’s “family”.  Don’t just post picture after boring picture to your account.  Add in some catchy text or a cute play on words.  At the very least, put a title or short description with the photo to make the viewer understand what they are seeing and to make them feel a part it.

I’m a Person, Not a Business

Use an attention grabbing picture.  Add in an interesting bio to catch attention.  Add in some catchy text or a cute play on words with your videos and photos.  At the very least, put a in a title or a short description with the photo to make the viewer understand what they are seeing and to make them feel apart it.  Instagram is supposed to be fun.


Will  Instagram Automatic Likes Help?

Every company wants to be respected and successful.  Large conglomerates are easily recognized but what if you are a smaller fish in a large sea?  The more “likes” that your videos or photos receive, the more your company comes across as well-followed, reliable and credible.  You also seem more personally approachable.  The fastest way to accomplish this is with Instagram automatic likes.  Once a video or photo is posted, automatic likes will obviously increase your “like” count, and appear impressive.  When automatic likes kick in, that photo you just posted 20 minutes ago seems to have been enjoyed by tons of your Instagram followers already.  This in turn will enlist new followers .  Human nature is to want to be a part of the next big thing.  This mentality will increase your base of followers.